Q: Do you need any special qualifications to rent out a villa or space?
A: As long as you follow all applicable laws and regulations, anyone can do it. But, if you would leke to rent at inside, please obtain a rental accommodation business license or activity business license.
: Can I register my regular rental room as a villa or space?
A: It depends on your rental contract. Generally speaking, many landlords do not allow subletting, so we recommend that you speak with your landlord first.
Q: How do I get book for renting myvilla or space?
Q: Are there any management support services for hosts?
A: We can assist you with some parts of the process, such as handing over keys. Please contact us. Currently we are considering offering a full service package that covers property applications, a guide to the vicinity, reservation management, property cleaning, and more.
Q: Can I manage my properties and reservations on my smartphone or tablet?
A: Yes! You can manage approved reservations on your smartphone. As for the rest of the site, you can access it on your smartphone or tablet, but we can’t guarantee that it will work correctly. For now, we recommend using a PC for other sections. Full mobile and tablet support will be coming soon!
Q: Is there a limit to how many rooms one host can manage?
A: Currently, there are no limits. Feel free to register all your available villa or space
Q: Are there any photography services for villa or space listings?
A: we offer the photography service as a stand-alone service by admission-paid.
Q: How will I know when I get a reservation request?
A: We will send the reservation details to the email address registered with us, so keep an eye on your inbox.
A: No. Once a reservation goes through, the system locks in those dates, preventing any other reservations for that time period.

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